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waxing by leigh
- FAQs -

I’ve written a fully comprehensive list of 
does, don’ts, what to expect and everything in between

What do I need to know before the appointment?

Hygiene Standards

Please arrive clean for your appointment; shower on the day of the appointment but if you are coming straight from work it’s not a problem, I can provide you with a freshen-up wipe to use. I have a wash/dry toilet which you are welcome to use prior to your wax.

I exercise a high standard of cleanliness within my salon;

What is involved in intimate waxing?

When having intimate waxing (Miami, Brazilian, Hollywood) you will be required to remove underwear from the waist down, socks are optional 😉 I need to easily access the hair to be waxed. Don’t be shy, I’ve seen so many different lady bits and I have waxing done myself so know how it feels. I have worked as an NHS healthcare professional for a good few years and there’s nothing I haven’t seen in that time, trust me. All I am interested in is getting all the hair thoroughly removed and ensuring you’re happy and comfortable. Some stretching of the skin around the area being waxed will be required and I may ask you to assist with this (such as pulling up the pubic area by stretching the lower abdomen upwards) and I too will be stretching the skin as I apply the wax. Peelable wax (a.k.a hot wax/non-strip wax) is used for intimate waxing, underarms and the face, for your comfort. 

What should I expect during the appointment?

Prior to your appointment taking place there will be a pre-waxing consultation to complete. This enables me to know if waxing is safe & suitable for you.  It is important you are honest when completing the consultation because the information you provide allows me to adapt your treatment if required.

If you are a new client of mine, I will briefly talk and demonstrate to you the waxes I use. The waxing process will be explained as I go along so you don’t get any surprises. 

After your wax is complete I will provide you with aftercare advice and you will leave feeling as smooth as a dolphin! You can book your future appointment via the online booking system or with me at the end of the appointment.

I have a strict lateness policy; I allow a 5 minute grace period, any later than that and it’s unlikely I will be able to carry out your wax and you will be expected to pay in full for this appointment.

There are 2 sets of steps to take up to my home and a sloping driveway. Please keep this in mind if you have mobility problems.

When waxing is not able to be carried out.

If you are taking/have taken Isotretinoin (brand name Roaccutane/Accutane), I won’t be able to wax you for at least 6 months from when the treatment is finished. If you are taking/have taken oral/Intravenous corticosteriods, I won’t be able to wax you for 3 months from finishing the course. If you are currently taking/have taken oral/Intravenous antibiotics please contact me to discuss as some antibiotics can cause severe skin reactions and hypersensitivity. The above medications temporarily weaken the skin. A patch test prior to waxing would need to be carried out after the time period when waxing is contraindicated.

I can work around skin tags, moles, and pimples but I won’t wax skin that is infected, irritated, chapped or suffering from sunburn.

Any concerns, conditions or medication can be discussed prior to your appointment and will be flagged up when you complete the online consultation questions.

How long does the hair need to be for waxing?

You must have NO LESS than 4 full weeks of hair growth since last hair removal, no matter how the hair was removed. Any less growth than this cannot be waxed and I will refuse service if you arrive with less growth than this, so don’t chance it.

I get that it’s difficult to let the hair grow but I need hair to wax! If you come with less than the minimum hair growth I require then simply put I can’t wax you and it would end up just being very painful and rubbish results.

Will it hurt?

It really frustrates me to see any waxer state that waxing is painless! It isn’t but it can be LESS painful if carried out by someone who is skilled and uses good quality products. I only use peelable wax (a.k.a hot wax or non-strip wax) on more sensitive areas of the body such as the bikini area, underarms and face. Strip wax is used on other areas such as the legs and arms as the skin is not as fragile and sensitive here. I do my best to ensure your wax is as comfortable and quick as possible.

There are lots of reasons your wax may feel more uncomfortable on some occasions; hormones, lack of quality sleep, being run down, hungover, stressed, dehydrated, illness/medication, etc.

What result should I expect?

Everyone is different because there are lots of factors involved, therefore it’s difficult to be specific about results for you. In most cases there is minimal hair regrowth for the first 3 weeks and a noticeable increase thereafter.

If it is your first ever wax or first wax in a while then you should expect to see stubble and early hair regrowth until you’ve had around 3/4 waxes, each at 4-6 weeks apart. 

It takes around 3/4 waxing treatments each at 4-6 weeks apart to synchronise the hair growth cycle. You should then have slower hair regrowth and you can leave longer gaps between appointments – please don’t be tempted to remove any early regrowth yourself – step away from the razor/tweezers/epilator! You need to persevere for slower, finer and sparser hair regrowth and it’s worth it, I promise. Following aftercare between waxes is absolutely key in allowing the new weaker hair to grow out through the skin and not become ingrown and cause you problems so listen to my advice and do your aftercare!

I’m going on holiday and need waxing.

You can have a wax just before your holiday but you need to be made aware; if you’ve not had waxing before or haven’t been waxed in some time then having just one wax before your holiday won’t give you the results you want. Hair growth growing in different stages to those waxed at that one appointment will come through a few days later. You won’t be silky smooth for weeks after just one wax but you will certainly have better results from one wax than from if you were shaving. It’s a good idea to plan ahead and book in 3 waxes before your holiday in order to get the hair into a synchronised growth cycle which in turn will give you longer lasting results.

Will waxing be the perfect hair removal solution for me?

It may well be and this can be ascertained over a few appointments. There may however be a more suitable hair removal method out there for you. I can talk to you about your individual needs at your appointment. 

I’m pregnant, can I be waxed?

If you are a regular client of mine you can be waxed from (>12 weeks for first pregnancy) when you know and up to full term. I do not wax clients who are 25+ weeks pregnant and not an existing client of mine. I understand the needs of a woman who is pregnant during waxing and you will be in safe hands.  

Can I be waxed during my period?

I have written a blog about waxing during your period, please refer to it for more information.

Of course you can be waxed during your period! You may be more sensitive just before and for the first couple of days of your period. Therefore, you may wish to plan your waxing appointment to avoid this time. For intimate waxing I use peelable wax (a.k.a hot wax/non-strip wax) for your comfort.

You can be waxed if you are wearing a tampon or menstrual cup. If you can only wear pads, I advise that you schedule your wax for when you’re not on your period. If you wear a tampon please ensure the string is tucked up and out of the way for the wax. I wear a menstrual cup and LOVE IT! If you’re interested in trying a menstrual cup, you’re welcome to ask me about it because I am very passionate about more people using them and I think mine is brilliant and it has changed periods for the better for me. 

Can I bring someone along to my appointment with me?

The answer is no, unless you have a carer who needs to accompany you (please contact me prior to booking in to inform me of this).

Unfortunately babies and children are not permitted to attend with you and there is nowhere for them to wait as it is a home-based salon. 

If a person under the age of 16 is attending for waxing then a parent/guardian is required to be present for the waxing treatment as the consenting adult and must sign consent forms.

I’ve had waxing before and it was a horrible experience, I’m feeling nervous.

It’s understandable if you’ve had a bad waxing experience elsewhere but be rest assured I take great care and consideration in ensuring your appointment with me is comfortable, dignified and relaxed. If you have any questions or worries that you want settling please talk them over with me.