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  • Waxing vs Shaving
    If you usually shave and are thinking of getting waxed instead, here are some reasons why waxing...
    03 September 2020, 19:04
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  • Ingrown Hairs
    Ingrown hairs, mares! You’ve got your waxing routine all sorted out and you’re feeling smooth an...
    23 March 2020, 10:24
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  • Why Starting Regular Waxing In Colder Months Is A Good Idea
    Naturally lots of women want to be hair free when the weather is nice (which is about one week in...
    03 March 2020, 16:11
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  • Waxing and Pregnancy
    Firstly, congratulations! There are lots of reasons a woman may wish to be waxed during pregnanc...
    15 February 2020, 08:35
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  • Who is your waxing professional?
    I thought I’d do a blog to give you a bit of insight into who will be waxing your bits and bobs a...
    04 February 2020, 14:58
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  • Waxing and Periods
    You want to have your waxing done but annoyingly your period has come along at the most inconve...
    21 January 2020, 17:01
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  • The Hair Growth Cycle Explained
    Hands up who only gets waxed for going on holiday? Waxing is a great way to stay hair free fo...
    08 January 2020, 12:56
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