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Waxing and Pregnancy

Firstly, congratulations!

There are lots of reasons you may wish to be waxed during pregnancy; you may already be a regular waxing client and simply wish to continue this into your pregnancy and beyond or you have decided you’d rather attend a waxing appointment every 4-6 weeks instead of faffing with other hair removal methods on a daily/near daily basis. Some women will choose to book in for their wax in preparation for their planned induction or c-section to avoid being shaved by the hospital; which wouldn’t be the most pleasant of experiences and the regrowth itch would be maddening. It’s not what you’d need on top of recovering from giving birth to your baby! If you require stitching after giving birth, it is also much better to be hair free where they need to stitch in order to avoid any trapped hairs and it feels more hygienic and less irritating for you after going through that too.

When it comes to getting waxed when you’re pregnant; the first thing you should know is that I can wax you from as soon as you know, up to full term. Please note; I will not wax someone beyond 27 weeks who usually shaves/hair removal cream/epilates, no exceptions.  During pregnancy hair can grow more densely, skin can be more sensitive and reactive and you can be more swollen down there as a result of increased blood flow and hormonal changes, which is all normal. It requires the skill of a waxing professional to be able to safely and effectively wax you with these things considered. I wax a lot of pregnant and postpartum women so be reassured I am confident in looking after you and giving you a great wax, so you can feel like you!

When you book your appointment via the online booking system, you will need to complete a consultation form and this will inform me of important things I need to know which will help me establish if it is safe to wax you. I complete a thorough pregnancy waxing consultation and waxing plan with you at the beginning of the appointment. During your appointment there will be certain things I will do to ensure you’re as comfortable as possible; I will talk you through these things at your appointment so there will be no surprises. All the products I use on you are completely safe in pregnancy. I can adapt the positions to wax you, for example if you wish to have a leg wax there are ways this can be done effectively but also allows you to be comfortable at the same time. On sensitive areas of the body I will always use peelable wax (a.k.a hot wax or non-strip wax) for your comfort.

If you’ve recently given birth and would like to get your first wax post-birth but you are unsure of how long to wait until your wax, please message me to discuss.

If you would like to know anything more about waxing during pregnancy and after pregnancy, please get in touch with me.


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