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Waxing vs Shaving

If you usually shave and are thinking of getting waxed instead, here are some reasons why waxing is far superior for hair removal than shaving.

You might think shaving is convenient but is it? You have to drag that harsh metal razor across your lovely skin every few days – or in a lot of cases daily! That doesn’t sound convenient to me. When you’re having a nice bath or shower the last thing you probably want to be doing is faffing around shaving. A particular nightmare is having to get in awkward positions to shave your lady bits – I’ve been there so I know how strenuous and risky an exercise this is!

You’ve got the added issue of massively upsetting your skin – yes, even with that ‘moisturising strip’ that runs along the blade. I’m sure you’ve experienced shaving rash, razor burn, sore and dry skin, skin discolouration and that itchy as HELL stubble within a matter of days! Well with waxing you don’t get any of those horrible things; instead you get no hair regrowth for WEEKS (after you’re a few waxes in as the hair growth needs to be synchronised which happens over the course of 3 or 4 waxes), no nasty rashes, no dry and sore skin and no horrendous stubble itch! It’s also very convenient because you’re simply attending for your waxing appointment every 4-6 weeks and then doing your aftercare in between appointments which takes a matter of a couple of minutes per day, not inconvenient at all.

Shaving only removes hair at the skin’s surface and depilatory creams remove it just below the skin’s surface. Waxing removes hair from the root meaning that after you’ve got the hair growth in sync you can enjoy weeks of being hair free. Waxing also weakens the hair follicle; meaning the hair grows back finer and softer so the regrowth is a much nicer feeling than the rather grim feeling of shaving regrowth which is damn itchy because the hair is blunted, strong & coarse. Waxing also has the benefit of some hair not growing back at all in patches, this can be quite common on the pubic area.

I select the most suitable wax for the areas of the body to be waxed. The wax and pre & post care products I use in my salon are cruelty free, top quality and there are vegan options available. I use peelable wax on sensitive areas of the skin such as the bikini area and underarms. This wax is wonderful as it ‘shrink-wraps’ the hair so when I remove it only the hair is pulled out and it is less harsh to the skin. The strip wax I use is great because it applies very thinly, removes hair effortlessly and isn’t sticky so you won’t end up with sticky bits all over yourself.

You can either shave every day or get waxed every 4-6 weeks, I know what I’d prefer!

In conclusion, waxing is the best! 😉


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