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Who is your waxing professional?

I thought I’d do a blog to give you a bit of insight into who will be waxing your bits and bobs and how I came to set up Waxing by Leigh.

My name is Leigh (I’m a woman, people sometimes think I’m male due to my name!); I’m 33 and from Manchester (you’ll be able to tell by the accent), I live with my boyfriend of 10 years, I own two rather spoilt British Shorthair cats called Megatron and Angel-Cake, I worked as a healthcare professional in the NHS for 13 years and I’ve had Crohn’s disease since I was aged 11.

I really like good quality chocolate, cake, tea, gin, aerial arts, decent firework displays, animals and theatre (not all at the same time, mind). I am terrified of cockroaches and jellyfish! I have no idea why but if I see either one I become hysterical and feel utterly repulsed!

I had been a waxing client for years before I decided I wanted to train to be a waxing professional myself. I loved the results waxing gave and was impressed by how good my skin condition was from getting regular waxes, as opposed to shaving or hair removal cream. After experiencing varying standards of service and waxing results over the years it got me thinking that I might be good at waxing. There were a few reasons for thinking this; such as having a keen interest and respect for the human body, an understanding of the client’s wish to not have a single hair left behind (with skin intact!) and the desire to deliver consistently high standards of client care.

After thinking more and more about the possibility of offering waxing as a service; I started researching training options within the UK and in 2016 I decided to attend face to face training with two of the industries most experienced and respected waxers. What a wise decision that was because I came away having learnt fantastic waxing techniques and a confidence in my ability to develop my waxing skills to a level whereby I could provide a great quality and professional waxing service to women in and around Manchester. Since this training I have worked really hard to develop my waxing skills and experience and it’s paid off. I can now provide women with a specialist waxing service and in particular intimate waxing; which provides them the long lasting results they desire and a good understanding around how to care for their skin pre & post wax too.

Waxing is certainly not something you can do well by simply attending a course, picking up a spatula and thinking you’re good at it, you have to put the work in! It takes time, a lot of effort, patience and determination to do a good job. At first I came away from my training and thought ‘I don’t know if I’m going to ever get the hang of this’ and after my first few clients I thought ‘I’m never going to be good at this, I can’t do this I might as well give up.’ I was aware this was my brain wanting to be lazy and not liking me being out of my comfort zone and as a new waxer, I was well out of my comfort zone! I was aware this was a normal psychological response to a new challenge and I’d get used to it, eventually. I decided that instead of being a wet lettuce, giving up and flogging all my waxing equipment, I’d persevere. I stuck with it, put the graft in and now I can thankfully say I’m at a point where I know a fair bit about the body and how to effectively wax the hair on it. I am able to give my clients well-informed aftercare advice which is vital to a good wax and long-lasting results.

I LOVE waxing! It doesn’t feel like ‘just a job’ to me. Every client that walks through my salon door is highly valued and appreciated and I will always strive to delivery only the best service possible. You can be confident you are receiving a service from someone who cares and is passionate about giving you the best hairless results.


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