Waxing and Periods

You want to have your waxing done but annoyingly your period has come along at the most inconvenient time. Well it doesn’t have to be inconvenient where waxing is concerned, I am happy to wax anyone on their period! Yes you can be more sensitive to pain during your period and of course, for the first couple of days of your period you can feel rotten and waxing is the LAST thing you want to have done. If after those rotten days are through, you’re feeling more human and would like to get your waxing done then absolutely no problem, get booked in!

It does not matter to me what period products you choose to use. I will wax women wearing pads, tampons and menstrual cups. I ask that if you’re wearing a sanitary pad that you arrive wearing a fresh one.

I have a wash+dry toilet that all my clients are welcome to use and I always provide clients with a freshen up wipe to use before intimate waxing. I also stock TOTM period products (non-GM organic cotton & biofilm wrapped) if you get caught short.

I personally use a menstrual cup and it is AMAZING. I’m going to take this opportunity to rave about the menstrual cup and hopefully inspire some women to try one!

Here’s why I love mine; fuss free, it’s easy to insert and remove once you get the hang of it which doesn’t take long, it’s environmentally friendly, it will last you many years, there is a cup to suit every single woman’s biology, the cup doesn’t dry you out and allows your reproductive system to do its thing and continue to make its natural fluids, menstrual cups sit lower in the cervix which reduces abdominal cramping, you don’t feel the discomfort of the menstrual cup when sitting down unlike when wearing a tampon, the menstrual cup doesn’t irritate you like pads and tampons can as they’re made of medical grade material, one menstrual cup holds more fluid than 3 super tampons, you make one purchase of a menstrual cup and save so much money over the course of your time having periods because you’re not having to buy different products for different days depending on flow etc, you can wear it from the 1st day of your period to the last even when there’s not much blood, you can’t feel it when it’s inside you (honestly it’s brilliant), it’s liberating because it’s made my periods not so awkward and frustrating; I simply put my cup in in the morning and then empty it in the evening and reinsert and don’t have to think about it or the fear of it leaking.

I learned all there is to know about menstrual cups via this brilliant woman on Youtube:https://www.youtube.com/user/preciousstarspads/playlists

This website is also very informative about menstrual cups:

I hope this information has been useful to you and if you do try a menstrual cup I’d love to know how you get on with it, I’m also always happy to give advice and guidance about them.

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