Why Starting Regular Waxing In Colder Months Is A Good Idea

Naturally lots of women want to be hair free when the weather is nice (which is about one week in the UK!). You want to be smooth and sun ready and waxing will definitely do that for you. Here’s the thing though; it takes around 3 MONTHS of regular waxing to get the hair growing […]

Waxing and Pregnancy

Firstly, congratulations! There are lots of reasons a woman may wish to be waxed during pregnancy; you may already be a regular waxing client and simply wish to continue this into your pregnancy and beyond, you may decide you no longer want to fuss with shaving, especially as your lovely bump starts to grow or […]

Waxing and Periods

You want to have your waxing done but annoyingly your period has come along at the most inconvenient time. Well it doesn’t have to be inconvenient where waxing is concerned, I am happy to wax anyone on their period! Yes you can be more sensitive to pain during your period and of course, for the […]

The Waxing Cycle Explained


Hands up who only gets waxed for going on holiday? Waxing is a great way to stay hair free for longer and is the ideal hair removal option for remaining fuzz free during your holiday. But did you know that to get the best results from your wax you need to be planning ahead? It […]